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Mindful Eating: Eating alone vs eating socially

When you eat your meals, do you tend to do so in a social setting or by yourself?

Eating alone can make you more likely to engage in mindless eating and multitasking while you snack or eat meals. When this happens, it can be a recipe for overeating.

If you have no choice but to eat alone, make sure that technology isn’t part of the equation so you don’t fall into the trap of mindless eating. This gives you a great platform for connecting with yourself and tapping into your body’s natural hunger cues.

Another top tip for making sure that eating alone is a mindful experience? Give yourself plenty of time to eat so you’re not rushing your meals and have chance to immerse yourself in being mindful.

One of the big benefits of eating with other people? As the conversation ebbs and flows, you’re more likely to slow down the pace at which you’re eating. Putting your fork down in between bites while people are talking makes it easier than you think to be mindful.

There is a potential downside to eating socially and many people find that they eat more than they intended in a group setting. This is partly to do with the fact that we tend to stay at the table for longer in this scenario and that can mean overeating.

There’s plenty of scope in both situations to be mindful so it’s not necessarily a case of one being a better choice than the other. Just be aware of potential pitfalls!

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