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"Adrienne is curious, compassionate, and an incredible listener. When I speak to her I feel so supported, inspired, and more confident in my abilities that I was before! Thank you Adrienne for walking along my path to being a better version of myself-I couldn't have gotten this far without you."


"Adrienne is an excellent wellness coach. She makes you feel as if you're the most important person in the world in that moment, as she is very attentive and understanding. I highly recommend you ask for her help in obtaining your health/wellness achievement goals."


"Absolutely amazing coach. I signed up about a month ago and I can't tell you how thankful I am for Adrienne. She is working with me to be motivated and make changes in my daily habits including self talk. We have focused on the reason behind my actions (or lack of actions) in daily routines. She has provided me with dietary resources and information to become a better version of me! In just a month I feel eager to get up and move, I'm able to go at my pace and not feel guilty or obligated to go further. This is the beginning of a new journey and I highly recommend you give this a try as well."


“I have known Adrienne for about 10 years, and she always finds new ways to inspire me in my health and fitness goals.  As my coach she has thoughtfully crafted specific and achievable goals to focus on, which allows me to make progress without feeling overwhelmed.  Her framework for creating healthy relationships with nutrition has really provided me with a solid foundation for fueling my body and my mind.”


"When I began coaching with Adrienne I thought I knew a lot about losing weight and exercise but just needed someone to hold me accountable to stick to an eating plan and exercise. My coaching sessions with Adrienne are so much more! Adrienne takes what I already know about exercise and eating and digs deeper, adding layers I didn't know about. The biggest thing for me is learning to know myself better as a whole person. Adrienne has taught me that losing weight is much more than what we eat - it is a combination of everything we do in our lives and how we take care of ourselves overall. Each session I learn something new that I can apply to my lifestyle and gets me a step closer to not only losing weight, but losing negative attitudes about myself which weigh me down as much as the extra pounds. I begin some coaching sessions disappointed by where I think I have failed and end the session seeing positive changes I made that I couldn't see for myself. I am very thankful for Adrienne and Adia Wellness. I would recommend anyone who wants a healthier lifestyle contact her today!"


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